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Formerly North Gloucestershire Motor Cycle Club, we are one of the UK’s largest operating clubs, organising, promoting and running motor cycle race events at all major UK circuits.

We have club championships for all sizes, makes and models of machines from the post classic era through to modern Superbikes and everything in between.

Our aim is to provide an end to end racing experience in a friendly, professional environment for customers just starting out on their racing journey through to seasoned, International license holders.  

Under Starters Orders

We are currently creating a new website to process memberships, entries and more. For much of the 2024 season, please use the following contact information. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Race Office, call Selina Bostock:

07580 094577

Sponsorship, call Steve Bostock:

07967 681639

Novice enquiries, call Jeremy Doughty:

07753 830909

Our official photographers:

Paul Hunt Photography

Colin Hill

Megs Bostock

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