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Race Classes

Our classes

Here you will find information on our race classes, including a link for those with detailed conditions.

Formula 400 inc. Honda V400

Production based 250cc two stroke and 400cc four stroke. Moulded treaded tyres.  

See separate Championship conditions for Honda V400 Championship

Open 500

Open up to 500cc.

Slick tyres permitted 

National 600

Open 401 to 650cc four cylinder, 800cc three cylinder, 900cc twin cylinder. Slick tyres permitted.
National and above race license holders 

Clubman 600

As National 600, but for Clubman or below race license holders only (as of 1st March for current year)
Previous Clubman 600 Class Champions are not eligible.


Open to four stroke machines 700cc and above. Slick tyres permitted. Guest riders welcome but will not score Championship points.

Phoenix Open

Open to all machines 250 GP and above (excluding Junior Supersport). Slick tyres permitted.  
All competitors score Championship points.

Sound of Thunder

Open to all four stroke single, twin and three cylinder machines. Slick tyres are permitted.  

Mini Twins

Four stoke, twin cylinder production based machines up to 650cc including up to 820cc air cooled twins. Max power 72bhp  

Pre Injection 600 (incl. Veterans)

Non-fuel injected machines manufactured up to 2002. 401 to 600cc. Slick tyres are permitted.

Veterans for riders over 40 year old on 1st March in current year 

Pre Injection 1300

Non-fuel injected machines manufactured before 2001. 750cc to 1300cc. Slick Tyres are permitted

King of Combe

Incorporated into the Phoenix Open races at our Castle Combe event


3 categories: Up to 500cc / Middleweight / Open

For competitors who have gained their FIRST race license since January 1st 2023.

There is a reduced entry fee for this class, it can only be entered as a 2nd ride.

Dispensation may be given to competitors who held a license prior to Jan 1st 2023 who have completed no more than 5 events. Riders must apply for such dispensation in writing to  

Guest classes

ACU Ultra Lightweight Championship

Further information available on request from

For further information please email


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