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All riders in all classes need a transponder. Riders will not be permitted to race without a transponder fitted.


We have a number of transponders available for hire at each meeting. These should be pre-booked and must be shown on your Entry Forms.


Your transponder number, or your intention to hire one from us, must be quoted on all entry forms for entries to be accepted.


If you would like to buy a transponder, you can get them from one of the sources below or through the secondhand market. Make sure you specify the ‘BIKE’ version.


The AMB X260, MYLAPS 260, TRANX 260 and MYLAPS X2 transponders have all been superseded by the MYLAPS TR2. Any of these transponders may be used at NG meetings.


MAKE SURE YOU SPECIFY THE “BIKE” VERSION as other models will not respond fast enough.


Suppliers of Transponders for Road Racing

Timing Solutions Limited

Unit 2, Ninian Park

Ninian Way


B77 5ES

Tel: 01827 285666

Fax: 01827 282932




HS Sports Ltd

HS Sports Ltd

Kinetic House

Varey Rd


CW12 1UW

Tel: 01260 275708


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